Anatta and the Art of About

The initial thoughts and circumstances that where the dependently arisen causes for this site once seamed weighty. However upon trying to type them out they have shown themselves to be like bubbles produced by crashing waves on a shoreline…Empty. Reviewing many of the notes produced in anticipation of this event only serve as a humorous reminder of the passing of mental states and moods. Many of those states are akusala…anger, greed and delusion masking themselves in a confusing mass of hyperbole and poor grammar. So here we are trying to express the none event that is happening.

Name and Form

The name of this site is a reference to a book the author didn’t finish. It is a loaded statement that only the author understands. In the early 2000’s the author attempted to convert to Buddhism. It didn’t work so he tried to read a book about zen and motorcycles. He didn’t make it through that either. Some years later he developed a meditation practice and at an imperceptible point became Buddhist. It doesn’t resemble any of his preconceived notions. The experience has been powerful. Mostly beautiful some times confusing and other times heart breaking. As an exercise in many things this site is taking form.

Praise and Blame

I am Eman Edocym and this is *and the Art of… Partly to share experiences other times as practice in writing or art and sometimes as a way to connect with others. Thank you for your time and attention.


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